Family Dentistry in Miami, FL

Family-Friendly Dental Services for All Ages in Miami

At Elite Dental Group, we strive to provide you with comfort and tranquility while simultaneously providing the high quality dentistry you deserve. As a member of our patient family, you will find that each of our board certified doctors and staff members are well-trained and qualified to deliver exceptional service. Our Miami dentists offer services for all ages, including infants and elderly.

Our on-site board certified dental specialists provide:

  • Miami Dental Exams and X-rays:

Maintaining a great-looking and healthy smile begins with dental exams. Regular dental exams are an essential part of preventative dental care and can help dentists identify cavities, gum disease and other dental issues.

During your dental exam, your dentist might recommend a diagnostic set of dental X-rays. Dental X-ray pictures give dentists a clear picture of cavities, bone and enamel loss, gum disease, infections and other dental problems.

We offer free Dental exams and X-rays for new patients so call us today at (305) 559-7001to set up an appointment.

  • Regular Teeth Cleaning:

As we get older, our teeth gradually lose enamel despite even the best dental hygiene efforts. In order to keep teeth strong and healthy, regular dental cleanings are necessary. We offer a variety of teeth cleaning services that remove tartar and plaque, prevent and protect your teeth from cavities, and help to prevent gum disease or other oral diseases from forming. Call now to make a professional teeth cleaning appointment with one of our Miami dentists! (305) 559-7001.

  • Tooth Cavities and Dental Fillings:

Tooth cavities are areas of tooth decay that form in the hard enamel of teeth and form tiny holes in the surface of your teeth. Untreated cavities are one of the main causes of toothaches, tooth infections, and ultimately, tooth loss.

Dental Fillings are used to treat any cavities that are found during your routine dental exam. In order to repair a tooth with a cavity, the portion of tooth decay is removed and a natural-looking composite resin material is then used to “fill” the area of the tooth that was removed. Avoid cavities and keep your teeth healthy with routine dental hygiene and preventative care, and get regular dental exams in order to get cavities diagnosed as early as possible.

  • Root Canals:

Severed, untreated cavities can cause infections and allow harmful bacteria to reach the pulp area inside the tooth. When that happens, root canal treatment is the best way to remove the infection and save your tooth. By removing the pulp and nerves inside the tooth, your dentist will then clean and seal the inside of your tooth, eliminating the infection and restoring your tooth to normal function.

Our state-of-the-art dental facilities allow everyone in your family to feel relaxed. Our goal is to help your child grow into an adult who feels comfortable about dental care. In addition to the proven dental techniques offered by our Miami dentists, we spend additional time educating our patients regarding preventative dental care at home. For more information, please call our office at (305) 559-7001. We can schedule an appointment today for you and your family members!

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