Professional Teeth Whitening in Miami, FL

It’s inevitable that, after years of aging and use of coffee, tobacco, green tea, and red wine, your teeth are going to stain externally. Fortunately, through the development of bleaching products like Zoom one-hour bleaching and PolaDay 9.5% hydrogen peroxide gel, our office is well-equipped to reverse years of staining and provide our patients with a whiter and brighter smile. Call us today to see if teeth whitening treatment is right for you.

Teeth Whitening Options

Zoom bleaching: Zoom bleaching consists of applying a paste-like form of carbamide peroxide to the outer surface of your teeth, which is then activated by a laser. The procedure is completed at our office and lasts for approximately one hour. Typically, no further at home bleaching is required after treatment. It’s that fast and that simple to get whiter teeth!

Take-home bleaching kit: Our take-home bleaching kit consists of applying PolaDay 9.5% hydrogen peroxide gel to the outer surface of your teeth for a period of about two weeks. The gel is applied twice a day for 30-minute intervals and periodically monitored by our dentist during the treatment.

With proper use, both whitening treatments are extremely safe and last for approximately 1 to 4 years, depending on the patient’s aesthetic demands and use of coffee, tobacco, green tea, and red wine. With both treatments, temporary sensitivity is expected. Neither treatment will whiten dental restorations or teeth stained due to necrotic nerves.

Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

The Elite Dental Group team is asked so frequently about how to get and keep whiter teeth that we want to share some top tips and information about whiter teeth.

Our teeth are actually very absorbent like a sponge, even though they feel hard. Our teeth absorb artificial and natural coloring in the food we eat and drink, so dark berries, coffee, wine, tea, and other colored foods all have a slow effect over time on our tooth enamel. Limiting these foods is a good start to keeping your teeth white but over time we all need to actively fight back against natural discoloration. While our office can lighten stains quickly, the best results take time and maybe a few treatments to fully remove years of staining.

Caps, veneers, and other artificial teeth can’t be whitened with toothpastes or professional methods in our office. They aren’t made from natural tooth enamel, so those methods aren’t effective. The good news is that porcelain and resin artificial teeth are stain resistant, so with proper care and limits on highly colored food and drink, your replacements or dentures and can stay looking white and fresh for a very long time.

The best time to whiten your teeth is at home just before bedtime. That’s because after you use a whitening gel or product at home, the sponge-like pores in your teeth are a little more open than usual, making them more absorbent of anything you plan to eat or drink. Whitening before bedtime and then going right to sleep ensures that you won’t eat or drink anything highly saturated with color while your teeth are a little more vulnerable to re-staining than usual.

Aside from avoiding those dark food and drinks, teeth whitening doesn’t damage your teeth any more than brushing—as long as you visit a professional dentist and follow all instructions given based on the type of whitening and your personal dental health. At Elite Dental Group, we’re here to make sure you get the results you want in a completely safe and sustainable way.

After a whitening treatment, sensitivity is normal. In fact, over 60% of Americans have naturally sensitive teeth. Whitening makes your teeth and gums a little dehydrated, so they can’t respond normally to adjust to temperature changes and thus feel extra sensitive. Drink plenty of water after a professional whitening treatment and wait a little for your mouth to re-hydrate. The sensitivity should go away naturally within 12 to 36 hours.

Finally, if you’re considering a laser whitening treatment, you can rest assured that the FDA federally regulates this process. The ultraviolet light used speeds up the whitening power of the gel applied to your teeth but the results aren’t permanent. To get the best results you may need more than one treatment. The results can last a few years with proper care before you need another whitening visit.

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