• Coping with a Dental Emergency

    If you have a dental emergency, the steps you take immediately afterward can make a big difference to how your dentist treats the problem. See your dentist near Miami as soon as possible if you experience an emergency. This video offers advice for dealing with common dental issues.

    If you lose a tooth, you may be able to preserve it and avoid dental implants if you take fast action. Rinse it off, and place it gently back into place if possible. If you can’t, put it in a glass of milk until you see your dentist. For a broken tooth, keep the chipped piece if you can and see your dentist. Cosmetic treatments, like veneers, can repair broken teeth. For tooth pain, rinse with warm saltwater and make an appointment with your dentist.

  • Getting the Facts About Braces

    braces, miami dental Are you considering finally taking a big step toward a straighter smile and getting braces? Do you have a son or daughter who needs braces to improve his or her bite? Braces can make you feel more confident about your smile and correct problems you may have with your bite or speech. Your dentist can help you understand if braces are right for you. These facts may also help you make the right decision.

    Braces Are For Any Age

    Most people think of braces as something that teens wear, but in reality, you are never too old to get braces. More and more adults are embracing the idea of getting treatment for crooked or misaligned teeth, especially since treatment is faster and easier than ever, and there are so many different types of braces. If you are an adult and think that your chance for getting orthodontic care has passed, talk to your dentist at your next appointment. You may be surprised at the number of options you have.

    Braces Change More Than Your Appearance

    Braces can be an important part of cosmetic dentistry treatment, but they change more than how you look. Crooked teeth, teeth that are widely spaced, and misalignments can cause difficulties chewing and speaking, damage to soft tissue in your mouth, and pain. When you get braces, you can say goodbye to the problems caused by the improper positioning of your teeth.

    Braces Can Lead to Better Dental Health

    Some people are worried that having braces will compromise their oral health because they have to change the way they brush and floss their teeth. While some patients do experience gingivitis and other oral health problems with braces, these issues can easily be avoided by following your dentist’s instructions for brushing and flossing. In reality, many people experience better oral health after braces. They like their new smiles so much that they are especially motivated to take care of them.

  • Common Causes of Tooth Pain

    dental pain, tooth pain, dentist miami, tooth pain miami If you’re suffering from persistent tooth pain near Miami , the pain may be a sign of a more serious dental problem. If tooth pain lasts more than two days, or if it is accompanied by a fever, you should seek emergency dental services as soon as possible. Here are some of the common causes of tooth pain, and how they can be treated at home or by a dentist.

    Tooth Decay or Cavities

    If you don’t visit your dentist regularly for professional teeth cleanings and dental exams, your risk of developing tooth decay and dental cavities is significantly higher. Tooth decay and cavities are caused by a buildup of food particles and harmful bacteria on or between the teeth, which results from poor oral hygiene. Dental cavities cause tooth pain and sensitivity. Your dentist can treat tooth decay and cavities by removing the decay, and placing a dental filling and crown.

    Tooth Infection or Gum Disease

    When tooth pain is also accompanied by a high fever, it is likely the result of a tooth infection or abscess. Tooth infections can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t seek emergency dental services. The infection can spread to other parts of your body and harm your organs. Gum disease and gingivitis are a common type of infection that results from poor oral hygiene and infrequent visits to a dental office for teeth cleaning and exams. Your dentist will treat an infection with antibiotics, and he’ll then determine if your tooth can be saved via root canal therapy. Gingivitis and gum disease are treated with an intensive method of teeth cleaning to remove bacteria and infected tissue.

    Injury or Trauma

    Another common cause of tooth pain is injury or trauma to the face or jaw. Trauma can be caused by an accident, or by persistent grinding of the teeth while asleep or awake. If a tooth becomes broken or cracked due to injury or trauma, you will experience chronic tooth pain and sensitivity. If you don’t visit a dentist for repair, you may risk losing your tooth.

  • What Foods Help to Keep Your Teeth White?

    If you’ve recently visited your dentist for professional teeth whitening in Miami , you’ll want to be careful about what foods and beverages you consume. Certain foods and beverages can stain or discolor teeth, while others can help maintain your professional teeth whitening. Consuming the right foods and drinks can help you make the most of your beautiful teeth whitening treatment results!

    Watch this video for information about which foods can help you maintain your bright, white smile. In between visits to your dentist for teeth whitening procedures, you can preserve your teeth whitening results by adding some of these foods to your diet.