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Tooth Implants: Easy Teeth Replacements

Missing teeth can be a big problem for the health and appearance of your smile. For decades, the problem of missing teeth has been treated with the use of dental restorations such as bridges, dentures, and veneers but dental implants in Miami are a great alternative and can offer much more stability for your smile with more natural looking results than surface restorations. Because the denture implants attach to the jaw bone, replacing the roots of missing teeth, there is a reduced risk for complications such as bone loss and shifting teeth, which can be costly oral health concerns down the road. If you're exploring your restoration options for one or multiple missing teeth in your smile, A Miami dental implant specialist at Elite Dental Group can provide exceptional personalized care for you. Not only is our service top quality, but the dental implant costs are affordable too. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages they can offer.

Implants in Dentistry: Different Types

They are comprised of two components. The tooth implant itself is a titanium post that attaches directly to the jaw beneath the gum line. On top of the implant, the dentist will place a bridge or crown, depending on the number of teeth missing in a particular area. Here’s a closer look at the differences between single and multiple fake teeth, which may both be as strong and permanent as your natural teeth with the right treatment planning and surgical technologies.

  • Single tooth – Whether you have lost a tooth to an injury, gum disease, or severe decay, a single tooth implant is the ideal restoration to prevent shifting of the surrounding natural teeth. Single tooth implants use porcelain crowns over the base of the implant to match the shape and color of your natural teeth.

  • Multiple teeth – If you are considering denture implants to replace multiple missing teeth, artificial teeth can be a suitable alternative. Two implant posts may serve as the base for a fixed bridge, and total tooth loss may be treated with the all-on-four implant method that utilizes just four implants to minimize stress on the bone and soft tissue.

The Treatment Process

Dental implants will usually never need a replacement because they are as sturdy and durable as the natural teeth. However, the treatment process for denture implants is much more extensive than other dental restorations. After X-rays are taken to map the jaw bone and determine implant placement, surgery will take place. Once implants are in position, the jaw bone will bond with the implant as swelling in the gum tissue subsides. This process may take several weeks, during which time temporary restorations may be worn to allow you to carry out your normal routine. Only after the implants have fully healed will the dentist put on permanent restorations that can last for a lifetime with proper oral care.

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