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Look as Young as You Feel With Zoom!

It is inevitable that after years of aging and use of coffee, tobacco, green tea, and red wine your teeth are going to stain externally. Fortunately, through the development of bleaching products such as; Zoom! one hour bleaching and Poladay 9.5% hydrogen peroxide gel, our office is well equipped to reverse years of staining and provide our patients with a whiter and brighter smile. Call us today to see if teeth whitening is right for you.

Options for Teeth Whitening

Zoom! bleaching Procedure

zoom(1 hr): Zoom! bleaching consist of applying a paste-like form of caramide peroxide to the outer surface of your teeth, which is then activated by a laser. The procedure is completed within our office and last for approximately one hour. Typically, no further at home bleaching is required after treatment.

Take-home bleaching kit

teeth bleaching kit(2 weeks): Our take-home bleaching kit consist of applying Poladay 9.5% hydrogen peroxide to the outer surface of your teeth for a period of two weeks. The gel is applied twice a day for 30-minute intervals and periodically monitored by our dentist during the treatment.

Both whitening treatments are extremely safe

With proper use and last for approximately 1-4 years depending on the patient's aesthetic demands and use of coffee, tobacco, green tea, and red wine. With both treatments, temporary sensitivity is expected. Neither treatment will whiten dental restorations or teeth stained due to necrotic nerves.

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